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(past) 'BLOOD MONEY'

'BLOOD MONEY', by the Heather Brothers.

Mike and Liz Mason have a less than idyllic marriage and a skeleton in their closet - a massive secret they've been keeping for seven years. Or have they? The twists and turns in this macabre horror / thriller will have you on the edge of your seat. Mature themes

  • "Blood Money" is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.
  • (past) 'Sylvia' / A Broadway Comedy / Feb 28 + Mar 1-3 /

    'Sylvia' is a 'comic masterpiece' is what one reviewer said. Greg finds a stray dog named Sylvia in Central Park and brings her home to his wife, Kate, who isn't impressed. The big twist here is that Sylvia is played by a human and she talks. A lot. The show ran on Broadway and starred Matthew Broderick (an interesting aside his that his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker played the dog role off Broadway). The key part of the journey is the marriage. Will it survive? Will Kate ever accept Sylvia? This comedy makes a great Valentine's Day present.

    (past) Stronger, Freer - Newmarket (Old Town Hall Theatre)

    November 2017

    Thank you so much everyone for making this show a success. And don't believe us—just ask anyone who was there. They'll tell you about the tears—and the laughter, the veterans, the great businesses we partnered with, the actors and the crew. We barely knew anybody in Newmarket when we started promoting the show but by the time we were finished we ended up (almost) selling out and had a lot of new friends and partners. Thank you.

    You can visit the original Stronger, Freer website to get more information, trailers, endorsements, sponsors, cast, etc. Again, thank you everyone.

    And if someone wants to help us curate the hundreds of photos in the albums below that would be great as our photographer is clearly out of control.

    (past) Stronger, Freer - Stouffville (19 on the Park)

    There's an old saying in theatre that if the dress rehearsal is terrible then the show will be great. Well the dress was terrible and this newly written show was great. Thank you so much everyone for all the support especially from our sponsors and SIT employees. After taking this show for a walk, so to speak, we made some tweaks to the second set of performances in Newmarket. Again it was such a pleasure to work with the veterans and Mayor Altmann and his wife Jenny Altmann, and all our Stouffville partners.

    (past) Dial M for Murder - Uxbridge (Uxbridge Music Hall)

    Nothing like murder to make the stage come alive. This was a brilliant performance with a great crowd. Thank you everyone from Stouffville, Uxbridge, and Newmarket.

    Our photographer clearly has a problem with curating photographs (this album has 377 photos taken on and off stage). Can you help?

    (past) It's a Wonderful Life (Radio Play)

    We originally thought we'd do a simple scaled-back show—so we decided to do a radio play. That'll involve less sets and costumes right? But you know what those theatre people are like. Next thing you know we had scaled it up, had great foley effects, full costumes, special lighting, and more.