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Cutrara's Kitchen is our Top Pick for 'Savour Stouffvile'. What's Yours?


We're excited to announce that Cutrara's Kitchen is participating in Savour Stouffville (formerly Stouffvillicious) this year and a few of us from Verve Theatre Company and Markham Little Theatre have already booked an evening to enjoy their culinary creations.

Cutrara's Kitchen is one of Stouffville's hidden gourmet treasures.

There's no sign out front, their marketing is mostly through word of mouth, and there's no hostess.

Cutrara's Kitchen is owned by Frank Cutrara, a chef for over 36 years. In the past 15 years he's been inviting groups into his ranch style house furnished with a kitchen any gourmet chef would die for. But you're not there for the furnishings. You go there for the food, and for the friends you bring to enjoy that food. We dare you to read the Cutrara's Kitchen menu for Savour Stouffville and not want to book yourself and a few friends for a great evening out. Cutrara's kitchen can be reached at 905-642-9074.

"In addition to being an great gourmet chef Frank Cutrara is also Verve Theatre Company's official photographer," said Patrick Lannigan, volunteer and board member for Stouffville Theatre Company. "When we want headshots that have more spark than a regular corporate headshot he delivers what we want every time."

Frank Cutrara, as an example, is doing all the headshots for the upcoming production of 'Sylvia', a Broadway comedy. 'Sylvia' is playing in Newmarket at the Old Town Hall Theatre on February 28 and March 1, 2, and 3 at 8PM each night. Tickets are available here.

Click to find out more about 'Sylvia'

'Sylvia' is a Broadway comedy that has Greg, our lead character, finding a stray dog in the park and bringing it home to his wife, Kate, who is not impressed. Sylvia is played by a human who talks, a lot, and that fosters much of the comedy in the show. Will Kate ever accept Sylvia? Will Greg ever make it out of his career doldrums? Will the marriage survive? These are the key questions we ask along the way.

What We Know About Savour Stouffville

In an effort to promote all the food and drink establishments in the Stouffville area the Town of Stouffville created Stouffvillicious, years ago, offering restaurants an opportunity to draw new customers into their establishments by offering a special menu or unique offering. Stouffvillicious has since been rebranded as Savour Stouffville (we love the new name) and the Town of Stouffville is putting more energy than ever into this promotion. Stay tuned for a special late-February edition of 'On the Road' that will arrive in your Stouffville mailboxes with more details about all the offerings. If you're in the mood to try new foods you have a great opportunity to do so with Savour Stouffville!

About Cutrara's Kitchen

About Cutrara's Kitchen Frank Cutrara is a renowned executive chef with over 36 years of experience in the culinary arts. Prior to owning and operating Cutrara's Kitchen, Frank was executive chef at the prestigious Angus Glen Golf Club in Markham for seven years. There he oversaw kitchen operations and a staff of over 50. Before working at Angus Glen, he owned and operated a specialty pastry and cake business, The Dessert Cart, for seven years in Markham where he served the public and fulfilled wholesale accounts (restaurants, caterers and golf clubs).

Eleven years ago, he graduated from the world of kitchen operations and into the more personally-gratifying world of shared food experiences. It was then that Cutrara's Kitchen was born. In a nutshell, Cutrara's Kitchen is a place where casual hands-on cooking socials are held in a charming and tranquil home.

You can find out more about Cutrara's Kitchen offerings on their website or reach them at 905-642-9074 .

About Verve Theatre Company

Verve Theatre Company has produced well received shows that have included 'Sylvia', Stronger, Freer', 'Dial M for Murder', 'PS Uncle Angus', 'It's a Wonderful Life Radio Play', and more, in venues that are located in Newmarket, Stouffville, and Uxbridge.

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