formerly Stouffville Theatre Company

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Get social. Get involved. Live longer?

Real social integration, as opposed to social media, is the number one health predictor for a longer life. See Susan Pinker's Ted Talk for more information. At Verve we've got a crazy mix of introverts and extroverts, young and old, and men and women that come together to create theatrical events. We've even participated in a couple of community roasts of one awesome person or another.

Thank you to Newmarket, Stouffville, and Uxbridge

We've worked with SO many great people and patrons in these communities and we're grateful. Thank you to all the volunteers and people who support theatre in one way or another. What we REALLY like is when business, politicians, patrons, and volunteers come together to make something happen. Everybody contributes. Everybody wins.

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Next step. Get involved behind the scenes?

We're not all extroverts. Theatre is similar to movies in that most of the people involved in a show work behind the scenes to support the production.

Basically you commit to a show. So there's no long term commitment per se. Some of the work that goes into a production includes: