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Get social. Get involved. Live longer.

Are we really surprised that Susan Pinker's Ted Talk highlights social integration as the #1 predictor of longevity? And we're not talking Facebook or Netflix here. We're talking real life face to face social interaction with imperfect mortals like ourselves.

Volunteers Wanted for 'Sylvia'

We have an immediate need for volunteers for Sylvia. What we really need are a few stage hands and front of house people (especially if you have Smart Serve). If you can help, call Sid Auler at 647-285-7500

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Next step. Get involved behind the scenes?

We're not all extroverts. Theatre is similar to movies in that most of the people involved in a show work behind the scenes to support the production.

Basically you commit to a show. So there's no long term commitment per se. Some of the work that goes into a production includes:

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