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Cachet Restaurant is Promotional Sponsor for 'Sylvia'


Left to right - Ian Creasor, Shenna English, Cody Mason

Cachet Restaurant has signed up to be a promotional sponsor for 'Sylvia', a Broadway comedy playing at the Old Town Hall Theatre on February 28 through to March 3.

"Live theatre is a great night out and I'm looking forward to seeing a comedy like 'Sylvia'", said Jenn McLachlan, owner of Cachet Restaurant. "The Old Town Hall Theatre is a great venue with so much history held within its walls and I believe it is a great example of why Newmarket's downtown area continues to be alive and vibrant."

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'Sylvia' is a Broadway comedy that had both Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker playing lead roles, albeit for different performances. Our lead character, Greg, finds a stray dog in the park and brings it home to his wife, Kate, who is not impressed. The dog, Sylvia, is played by a human and she talks—a lot.

'Sylvia' is unlike any other comedy you'll ever see. It's funny and it's touching to see the effect that a stray dog has on a marriage. This disruption in their life is the primary journey of the play and the source of the comedy is a dog who talks and has no filter. Will the marriage survive? Will Greg get another job? Will Kate ever love Sylvia?

About Cachet Restaurant

"It's not just a business transaction to us; it's about creating a personal experience."—Jenn McLachlan, Owner

Having spent most of her life in Newmarket, Jenn has always valued the small town feel here. Her first experience as a small business owner came at age 18 when she ran the local post office. She quickly learned the value of community entrepreneurship.

But what really gets Chris excited to come to work at Cachet every day is the people. "I love talking to people," he says. "Working here, I get the opportunity to meet every type of person. Everyone is so different, and we all play our own role in making this crazy world go round."

Of course, Chris' natural ability to people please compliments the atmosphere here. At Cachet, the tables are more than just a number. We take pride in knowing our guests by face and name, and finding some way of celebrating life with them.

Find out More About 'Sylvia', the Broadway Comedy

Visit the Verve Theatre Company website to find out more information about 'Sylvia', a Broadway comedy, playing at the Old Town Hall Theatre in Newmarket on February 28, and March 1-3 at 8PM. To book tickets directly you can visit the ticket website.

About Verve Theatre Company

Verve Theatre Company has produced well received shows that have included 'Sylvia', Stronger, Freer', 'Dial M for Murder', 'PS Uncle Angus', 'It's a Wonderful Life Radio Play', and more, in venues that are located in Newmarket, Stouffville, and Uxbridge.

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