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Audition Notice: Cast and Crew Needed

Auditions for 'Blood Money' (American version) - by Heather Brothers

Auditions will take place in Stouffville. They will consist of cold readings from the play and will take place on Wednesday July 11 at 7PM. Please contact the Director, Vicki Tompkins by email for more information. Performances will be in Newmarket on Fri-Sat Nov 2-3 and Thurs-Fri Nov 8-9.


Mike Mason - 40s. Has the smooth good looks of the ladies' man he considers himself to be. He is the host of the popular show "Bargain Basement" which was nominated for an award show. He imagines himself to be the planner of the perfect crime.

Sue Thompson - an attractive 20 year-old. She is a neighbour of Mike Mason and has been having an affair with him for the past six months.

Elizabeth (Liz) Mason - looks to be in her forties but is probably younger. Once glamorous, an over-indulgence in alcohol has taken its toll. She rarely misses an opportunity to have a drink. CAST

Dr. Julie Campbell - an extremely attractive and sophisticated woman in her 40s. She is a therapist at a local clinic and has been caring for Liz for some time. She has also been having an affair with Mike.

Crew Wanted for 'Blood Money'

Rehearsals will take place in Stouffville. The play will be performed at the Newmarket Old Town Hall Friday and Saturday, November 2 - 3 and Thursday and Friday, November 8 - 9.

Those interested in helping behind the scenes with the show are asked to contact or call 905-640-2457. Positions available are:

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