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Thank you to our Patrons!

A special thank you to all our patrons, businesses, friends, and family for coming out to see 'Sylvia'. We had an absolute blast performing this 'out there' show. We're still evaluating other potential theatre shows to perform and we'll let you know as soon as we do!

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"'Sylvia' is a comic masterpiece", said one reviewer. Both Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker have starred in Broadway versions of the show. And we agree with their taste. It's a lovely comedy.


'Sylvia' is about a lovable stray dog (Sylvia) who pounces on an aging marriage and changes it forever. And she talks — a lot. No filter. Some coarse language (authentic New York City script).

From the producers of STRONGER, FREER, a show that played to packed houses and standing ovations for every performance in Stouffville and Newmarket.

Sylvia talks a lot—for a stray dog.

Greg finds a stray dog named Sylvia in Central Park and brings her home to his wife, Kate, who isn't impressed. The big twist here is that Sylvia is played by a human and she talks. A lot.

Will the marriage survive?

The biggest journey of 'Sylvia' is that of the marriage. Will it surive being invaded with this new love from a stray dog? One thing for sure is that the marriage will never be the same.

There is some coarse language. It's a New York City script after all.

The courage of a playwright to transform an aging marriage into a comedic delight through the adoption of a dog is unlike anything we've ever seen and its why we chose to perform this show. The fact that the dates are so close to Valentine's Day wasn't lost on us either.

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